13 Bags We’ve All Bought But Are Out Of Style.?

Bought But Are Out Of Style

The metal ring as a handle is no more than an excuse to be nostalgic for the fashion of yesteryear. The  trend is for eye-catching half-moon bags, as well as models with chains and leather straps as handles.

Backpack of “Mom”

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The outdated model of this accessory, especially in too bright colors, has been relegated to the background. The  current trend is for sober, warm or pastel shades, unconventional design and a variety of materials: leather, eco-leather, nylon, suede.

old-fashioned clutch

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This year, it is the rigid shaped clutches, most often resembling small handbags , which are in the news. They are comfortable to hold and some even have handles for added comfort. Do not opt ​​for garish colors and do not choose black. Prefer soft or basic shades.

mini bag

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Mini bags, once so popular, have been replaced by comfortable models in classic sizes. Colors may vary between pastels and bright colors. Modern fashionistas can rejoice: now all their essentials, including their phone and wallet, will be neatly and comfortably stored.

Bag with a thin chain

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Bags with a thin chain are no longer in vogue, unless it is classic Chanel. This year, bags with a thick strap or a large massive chain are at the peak of their popularity .

“Pouch bag”

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The bubble bag, which all fashionistas have loved in recent seasons , is beginning to give way. With bloggers, models, and singers buying these bags in droves, the trend has gone up in  smoke . It quickly became boring and ceased to be a trend.

This season, designers emphasize comfort and create similar models, but with a strong and comfortable handle, as in the photo on the right.

Oval belt bag

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The trend of belt bags is still relevant. But some models are now a thing of the past due to their outdated design and irrelevant shapes. For example, rigid oval handbags not only look old-fashioned, but they can only hold a minimum of items.

Banana bag

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Another model that once graced the catwalks and graced the covers of glossy magazines is also changing. The banana-shaped bag is no longer relevant . In its place are more classic shapes with additional pockets and compartments on the strap, the so-called crossbody, in various variations and colors.

Barrel bag

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This iconic shape owes its origin to  Louis Vuitton . Nowadays, such a bag can be safely attributed to retro accessories, since such a style is considered outdated and looks out of place in modern clothes. Middle-aged women, in particular, should pay attention to the vintage barrel bag, as it adds a few extra years to the image.

A bag made up of different textures

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Handbags using materials with different textures have been incredibly popular in the past. For example, a combination of suede, matte leather and patent leather. Today, models made entirely of the same material are in  fashion .

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