5 unexpected impacts of junk food on the body.?

impacts of junk food on the body

We all know more or less the harmful effects that a bad diet can have on the body. Obesity, hypertension, cholesterol… There are others, less known, that you wouldn’t even have thought of. Some are even surprising, here is a list of 5 unexpected effects of junk food on the body.

5 unexpected impacts of junk food on the body

Junk food is addictive, like drugs.Studies on this subject abound. You may not realize it right away, but junk food is definitely addictive . In question, dopamine , the same hormone secreted by the brain when we consume drugs . Result: the neurological receptors continue to demand it and are less productive.You’ll probably have no trouble finding someone in your life who drinks too many sodas or eats too many fast foods (and can’t stop). When the body ends up getting used to it and becomes addicted to sugar or fat, it takes a lot of willpower to do without it.

Junk food causes sleep disturbances

Yes, junk food also interferes with our sleep, to the point of developing chronic disorders . A scientific study , published in 2020 in the journal EClininal Medicine, looked at sleep disorders in more than 170,000 adolescents.The results are clear: frequent consumption of fast foods (more than 4 times a week) and soft drinks (more than three times a day) is significantly associated with sleep disorders.

Junk food can damage mental health.?

Again, this is an effect that we would not necessarily doubt. According to an American scientific investigation , published on June 15, 2022 in the journal Metabolic Brain Disease, the harmful effects of a diet that is too sweet or too fatty on the brain are very real.The same goes for the risks of developing anxiety, depression , and even Alzheimer’s disease , which are higher in people whose diets are poor.Junk food damages hair, skin and nails Nails and hair that break, a bad appearance… The health of skin appendages (nails, hair, body hair) is directly linked to our diet.In cases of vitamin and mineral deficiency, the effects are physically visible.Junk food increases the risk of diseaseThis is one of the points that most people already have in mind, but it never hurts to remember it. A poor diet can be the cause of many physical ailments and play a significant role in the development of serious illnesses.

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