The perfect technique to have perfect eyebrows makeup and the color.?

eyebrows makeup and the color

This is a semi-permanent dermopigmentation technique consisting of drawing the eyebrows hair by hair for a period of 6 months to 1 year! Thanks to microblading, you have dream eyebrows , provided and well structured!Want to know more about this technique? How it works ? What results can you get? We explain everything in this article makeup and the color.!

What is microblading make-up .?

Microblading or semi-permanent make-up (also called 6D technique) consists of reconstituting the eyebrows in a natural way , over the long term. For the record, this manual technique comes from an ancestral Asian gesture.The advantages are numerous, you will no longer need to draw your eyebrows every morning!

How it works  make-up.?

During a first microblading session in an institute specializing in eye beauty, the beautician will perform semi-permanent dermopigmentation using a metal pen and nano needles combined on the same line. This will perfectly reproduce your eyebrow in a natural way.She will first draw your eyebrow and then proceed to pigment the upper layers of your epidermis . No risk of scarring and no pain!The most cozy among you can go there with your eyes closed!

What results do we get?

You will get a natural result thanks to the mineral pigments used for microblading. Nobody will see that it is makeup and the color will not change or fade over time, and that’s very nice make-up.!Be aware that 1 month after your first session, it is imperative to make a small touch-up because of cell renewal!In addition, 4 days after the session, your eyebrow will lose 30% of its intensity and 50% during the touch-up.So be sure not to neglect the touch-up so that your eyebrow makeup lasts as long as possible!

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