Everything you need to know about stainless steel jewelry.?

stainless steel jewelry.

Stainless steel or called stainless steel is an alloy of iron, chromium and carbon and some other metals like titanium. According to European standards, this alloy is composed of 10.5% chromium against only 1.2% carbon.There are different types of stainless steel , including 304L and 316L (also called  surgical steel , because it can be implanted). It should be noted that 316L stainless steel is the only one that can be used in the manufacture of piercings and earrings. Indeed, these are jewels that have a part in your body, and therefore must be hypoallergenic.

The role of some of its components:

Chromium and carbon allow stainless steel not to rust, not to oxidize and therefore not to blacken . Chromium develops a transparent oxide film and prohibits any intrusion, so no oxidation .Titanium facilitates the work of stainless steel at high temperatures and avoids the alteration of the structure.If you want to know if your jewelry is stainless steel , use the magnet technique. Stick a magnet on your jewel, if the magnet is attached to the metal, your jewel is probably stainless steel. It should be noted that sometimes the jewel is not attracted by the magnet, it depends on the stainless steel used.You can also go to a jewelry store , then you will have a reliable answer on the composition of your jewelry.


Stainless steel jewelry is jewelry that can be worn in all circumstances . Reputed to be resistant, they retain their beautiful color  whether golden or silver. Indeed, you can wear your jewelry even if you go to the beach or the swimming pool. This is largely due to the presence of chromium in the composition of stainless steel which makes stainless steel jewelry water resistant.

Moreover, choosing stainless steel jewelry gives you an incredible choice. Indeed, you like to change earrings, rings, accumulate necklaces or bracelets, then investing in stainless jewelry is essential . You will be able to follow all the fashion trends, match your jewelry to your outfits. Your jewelry will quickly become your signature, and will underline your personality.

Then, if you have a small budget and want to give a gift to your mother, to your best friend, then you can offer a stainless steel jewel . The recipient of this jewel will be able to appreciate it for years and keep it carefully. It will not darken, oxidize and stay the same as day one.

These jewels can be worn very often, they will not lose their shine and you will not be able to do without them. To try them is to adopt them !


Some people forgo costume jewelry because they are afraid of developing jewelry allergies . This can actually happen with jewelry makers who use stainless steel with nickel in it.Indeed, it is therefore recommended to find out before buying the jewel if you have pronounced intolerances for nickel. Only the stainless steel named 316L can suit you. It is also called surgical stainless steel , because it can be introduced into your body.

More and more French jewelry designers  are using this type of stainless steel, so they can guarantee it is hypoallergenic . Check carefully before ordering what type of stainless steel is used in the manufacture of jewelry, if it is indicated as being hypoallergenic .Prefer French-made jewelry like Poopita  to jewelry from China. In addition, they are jewels that resist better over time, whatever use you make of them. Stainless steel jewelry is becoming more and more popular with buyers because it retains its shine and does not require a huge budget.


Since the 19th century, stainless steel has been introduced in jewelry. Indeed, all types of jewelry can be made of stainless steel . It is a material that blends with all kinds of materials, such as leather, ceramics, fine stones.

Rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings are all made of quality stainless steel , are accessible and inexpensive.This alloy contributes to the manufacture of jewelry in several colors. It can be gilded with fine 24 carat gold (- 3 microns), or silvered with rhodium or covered with copper. You have the choice between color: gold, silver or copper. You can find lovely stainless steel rings accompanied by a magnificent fine stone, ultra-trendy bracelets gilded with fine gold and many other models in the necklace or earring collections .Stainless steel is malleable when hot and thus allows engravings or a hammered jewel. Moreover, it is an excellent support for rings, bracelets, because it does not deform. Thanks to its resistance, it contributes to the creation of modern and durable jewelry, usable in the long term.We can find various types of jewels, well polished with a sparkling luster or on the contrary with an irregular and rather dull appearance. Stainless steel allows all kinds of fantasy, alone or accompanied by pearls, semi-precious stones, cultured pearls…etc.


The huge advantage of stainless steel jewelry is to be an excellent base for all types of jewelry. Indeed, whether they are intended for men, women, teenagers, children, you will necessarily find the model that suits you.Your teenager has a rather rebellious personality, gothic style: no problem, she can wear stainless steel jewelry with black stones such as onyx for example, knowing that jewelry set with onyx is very fashionable. . Conversely, you are looking for a bracelet with beads and charms  for your youngest, no problem, stainless steel can be associated with all stones or beads.Stainless steel is increasingly popular with women looking for style and the latest trend in terms of jewelry . When you buy quality costume jewelry that lasts over time, you no longer need to invest in gold or silver jewelry. This gives you the opportunity to buy more jewelry and give more.

You will find all kinds of jewelry, whether modern , classic or vintage  in this material. It will then be easy for you to match them with your outfits.The current trend in terms of jewelry is to accumulate. It is very fashionable to wear layered necklaces, with a necklace to finish. Or it is also possible to wear several rings each with a different style.Nowadays, you can even mix the colors of your jewelry. So whether they are silver or gold, nothing prevents them from being put together.Buy lots of earrings and match them to your outfits and hairstyles! You won’t choose the same models if you have a short haircut, a ponytail or loose hair!

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