Say how you feel to your mother.?

Say how you feel to your mother

1. A pretty flower, even a bouquet

Take advantage of a beautiful spring day to go for a walk with your group. Go to the florist or an outside flower shop, to a nursery, to a flowery field or to a simple well-stocked flower bed. Allow everyone to choose one (or more) flower(s) for their mom. Back at the daycare, show the children how it is possible to wrap the flower stems in damp paper towels to preserve them until the end of the day. This is a nice surprise that always pleases!

2. More minutes for mom

What’s more precious to a mom than time? You probably know approximately what time each mom will arrive at the end of the day, so plan ahead and invite the children to pack their bags, put away their belongings and put on their coats, sweaters, boots, hats, etc. so that they are ready to leave as soon as their mother arrives. This will save them 5, 10, even 15 minutes… what a nice surprise!

3. Washing assistant

Depending on the age of the children, show them how to fold washcloths. Take the opportunity to talk about the square shape of these. Older kids will love to see the square washcloths turn into rectangles when they fold them in half and then see squares reappear, but much smaller, when they fold them one last time. Once the children have mastered the task, encourage them to offer their mom to help fold the washcloths during the laundry chore. This will allow moms to spend time with their child while doing a task that comes up often.

4. Cleanser that smells good

When snacking, serve oranges or clementines and save the peels. Place them in a large jar or container and fill it with a mixture of water and vinegar. Let it sit for several days. Then, give each child a spray bottle and help them pour the mixture into them while inviting them to smell the citrus scent which will be very present. Children can decorate their bottle, for example with stickers. They will be proud to bring their cleaning product home and use it to help their mom with the housework. Moms will be happy to have help and appreciate the great smell.

5. Free Happiness

Give each child a piece of pink cardboard with “Certificate for a Hug” written on it. Encourage them to decorate it with crayons, stickers, stamps, etc. Explain to them that they can give the certificate to their mother and that when she gives it to them, they will have to give her the most beautiful, the most wonderful hug. Moms will love using their certificate after a long day at work. Some may try to use it repeatedly… to the delight of their child!

6. A comforter for us

Buy one fleece blanket per child or, if you prefer, buy a large piece of fleece from the fabric store and cut it to make your own blankets. With the help of the children, roll up the comforters to create cylinders. Tie a pretty ribbon around each cylinder. Let each child bring a blanket home over the weekend, telling them that they can use it to relax with their mom on the couch, for example to watch a good movie. er

7. Let’s read together

We all have books that talk about the special relationship that exists between a mother and her child. Collect these and present them to the children. Then invite everyone to choose a storybook that they can take home and read with their mom. What a special moment for moms! If you read the stories to the children at daycare first, the older ones will enjoy “reading” for their mom.

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