Tips on how to get a wedding cake on a budget

wedding cake

A wedding cake  It not only serves as a dessert but also as a centerpiece that adds to the ambiance of the event.

However, with all the expenses that come with planning a wedding, the cost of a wedding cake can sometimes be overwhelming. But don’t worry; here are some tips on how to get a wedding cake on a budget.

1. Set a budget

The first step to getting a wedding cake on a budget is to determine how much you are willing to spend.

2. Choose a simple design

Wedding cakes with elaborate designs and intricate details can be expensive. To cut costs, opt for a simple design that still looks elegant and beautiful.

A minimalist approach can be just as impressive as a complex design. You can also consider using fresh flowers or other decorations instead of intricate sugar decorations.

3. Choose a smaller cake

A larger cake will not only cost more but can also be wasteful if there are not many guests.

You can save money by opting for a smaller cake and complementing it with sheet cakes or cupcakes for your guests.

This way, you will still have enough cake to serve everyone without breaking the bank.

4. Choose a less expensive flavor

Certain flavors like vanilla or chocolate cake are less expensive than others like red velvet or carrot cake.

Consider choosing a less expensive flavor to save money. You can also opt for a buttercream frosting instead of fondant, which is more expensive.

5. Shop around

 Check with multiple bakers and ask for quotes.

Some bakers may offer discounts or have seasonal specials. You can also consider ordering a cake from a grocery store or a local bakery instead of a specialized wedding cake vendor.

6. Time your purchase

Consider purchasing your cake during the off-peak wedding season.

 You can also consider ordering your cake earlier and freezing it until your wedding day.

7. Consider a naked cake

A naked cake is a cake with little to no frosting on the sides, leaving the cake layers exposed. Naked cakes are trendy and can be less expensive than a traditional fully frosted cake. They also have a rustic feel that can complement a boho or outdoor wedding theme.

8. Choose a non-traditional cake

Instead of a traditional tiered cake, consider non-traditional options like donuts, macarons, or cake pops. These options can be less expensive and can also add a unique touch to your wedding.

9. Have a cake tasting

Before finalizing your cake order, have a cake tasting. This will help you determine the quality of the cake and ensure that it tastes as good as it looks.

During the tasting, ask the baker if they offer any discounts or if they have any recommendations on how to save money.

10. DIY your cake

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider making your cake. This option can save you a lot of money, but it requires some skills in baking and decorating. It’s also an advantage because you can have a customized cake for your wedding.

However, if you’re up for the challenge, there are many tutorials online to help you make a beautiful wedding cake.

11. Rent a cake

If you want an elaborate cake but can’t afford it, consider renting one. Some bakeries offer rental options for their more expensive cake designs, which can be a cost-effective solution.

12. Decorate your cake with fresh fruit

Adding fresh fruit to your cake can be a beautiful and affordable way to add color and flavor.

Fresh berries, kiwi, and mangoes are all great options that can be less expensive than intricate sugar decorations.

13. Have a smaller wedding

Reducing the size of your wedding can have a big impact on the cost of your wedding cake. With fewer guests, you can order a smaller cake, which can be less expensive than a large cake.

Additionally, having a smaller wedding can also save money on other wedding-related expenses.

14. Ask a friend or family member to make your cake

If you have a friend or family member who is a skilled baker, consider asking them to make your cake as a wedding gift. This can be a meaningful and cost-effective way to have a beautiful cake.

15. Order a replica cake

If you have your heart set on an expensive cake design but can’t afford it, consider ordering a replica cake.

 Some bakeries offer replica cakes made of Styrofoam or other materials that are decorated to look like a real cake.

This option can be significantly less expensive and still provide the stunning centerpiece you’re looking for.

16. Opt for a single-tier cake

A single-tier cake can be a great option for a small wedding or an intimate gathering. It’s also a cost-effective option as it requires less cake and fewer decorations.

A single-tier cake can still be beautifully decorated with flowers, berries, or other simple adornments.

17. Ask for a discount for a cash payment

Some vendors offer discounts for cash payments. Before finalizing your order, ask if there is a discount for paying in cash. This can be a simple way to save money on your wedding cake.

18. Consider cupcakes instead of a cake

Cupcakes can be a fun and cost-effective alternative to a traditional wedding cake. You can order a smaller cake for the cake cutting ceremony and have cupcakes for your guests. This option can also allow for more flavor options and can be easier to serve.

19. Serve the cake as dessert

Instead of having a separate dessert table, consider serving the wedding cake as the main dessert.

 This can save money on additional desserts and provide a cohesive look for the reception.

20. Don’t mention the word “wedding”

Sometimes vendors charge more for wedding-related services. When ordering your cake, don’t mention that it’s for a wedding.

 Instead, refer to it as a celebration cake or a party cake. This can help you get a lower price for the same cake.

Final words

Getting a wedding cake on a budget is possible with a little planning and creativity. Set a budget, choose a simple design, choose a smaller cake, choose a less expensive flavor, shop around, and time your purchase.

By following these tips, you can have a beautiful and delicious wedding cake without breaking the bank.

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